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Top tips on how to make the most of your studies

Posted on 08/06/2022


Top tips on how to make the most of your studies

University life can be a little overwhelming at times, especially when deadlines are looming and exams are just around the corner. Here are several top tips which will help you make the most of your time studying at university.


Get into a routine and stick to it

A good routine can help us keep on track to help us achieve the goals we are wanting to achieve. Without a routine, you are more likely to be disorganised and skip study sessions. Sitting down, looking at your deadlines and making a plan can really be worth the time and effort.

Start early

Spacing out study sessions in good time to revise for an exam has been shown to be most effective method when it comes to being prepared and performing well. For many, this will mean months in advance rather than days before an exam. Cramming before a deadline has been shown to lead to exhaustion which in turn can leave you feeling ill-prepared and fatigued – not how you want to befeeling before walking into an exam!

Study little and often

So why is it better to do some work everyday rather than spend two full days a week working solidly? We all have more productive and less productive days, some days we feel more motivated than others, some day more tired than others. The ‘little and often’ approach means that you can afford to work a little more slowly on an unproductive day.

Find the right time and place

Everyone’s different! Some find they work best in the morning, some in the afternoon, whilst others find that evening is their most ideal time. Whilst some like some background music playing, others work most optimally in quiet conditions and like to study in the library. Try experimenting with different options to find your most productive time and place of study and ideally stick with this as much as possible.

Remove any distractions

Let’s face it, it’s not difficult to get distracted when studying! Sometimes we don’t even recognise when it’s happening, but it can really affect how productive we are when it comes to fitting in studying. Sitting in a designated, well-lit space which is free of distractions, such as your phone or television, will help you focus on the task at hand faster. Should you need a computer or device for studying purposes, avoid social media platforms. If possible, you should also make the area as relaxing and productive as possible by keeping it decluttered as well as using decorations, smells and sounds than soothe you.

Take a break

Although revision is necessary, don’t let it get on top of you. Breaking up a study session by doing something unrelated can do wonders for your productivity – trust us on this one! Take a proper break to do something you enjoy doing; it’ll help recharge your batteries and avoid overloading which, in itself, can lead to frustration. Choosing physical activity to break up the day has the added bonus of lifting our own mental health status.

Study with others

University is best experienced with your fellow students. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others or to seek clarification on things you’re not sure of and make the most of those around you. Some students find they benefit from working in a small study group where they can revise and bounce ideas between their classmates.

Take care of yourself

Getting a good night’s sleep, eating well, staying hydrated and keeping your mind healthy are all key things to be aiming for. These are good all-round general principles that we should be not only trying to achieve when studying, but at all times! After all, if you’re not looking after yourself, you’ll not be able to study as effectively.

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