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Fire safety in student homes

Posted on 05/11/2020


Fire safety in student homes

Fire safety may not always be at the forefront of everyone’s mind but it is a very real danger and, most of the time, it’s avoidable.

Student households are at a greater risk of catching fire than regular households. There are several factors for this; one being that students can typically be more laid back when it comes to keeping the house free of fire hazards.

At Edge Student Living, we take fire safety very seriously and here, we’ve summarised some top tips for maintaining fire safety in your Edge Student Living home.


Don’t leave cooking unattended

Take particular care if heating up oil as this is a common cause of fires.


Don’t smoke inside

This is a standard rule across all Edge Student Living properties and most other student accommodation providers. If you smoke, please do it outside the building and don’t be tempted to smoke out of an open window. Smoking inside by any means is a huge fire hazard and should be completely avoided.


Sorry – no candles

At Edge Student Living, we do not allow candles in the student homes. Again, this is to minimise the risk of a fire and is commonly a rule with student accommodation providers.


Don’t overload plug sockets

..and remember to switch off electrical equipment such as hair straighteners and phone chargers when not in use.


Check your smoke alarms

Checking these on a weekly basis is always a good idea, and this is reiterated in the posters displayed in all Edge Student Living homes. A working fire alarm massively reduces the risk of death in a fire so our top tip is to set a weekly reminder in your phone to help you to remember to check them.

At Edge Student Living, our maintenance man Mick comes round on a monthly basis to ensure that all smoke alarms are still working properly. If you notice that the alarm starts to ‘chirp’ this is a sign that the battery needs replacing immediately so get in contact with Mick who will be happy to help!

All fire alarms within our student homes are also inspected and tested by qualified electricians in line with fire safety laws.


If there’s a fire – get out!

If you were ever faced with a fire whilst living in an Edge Student Living home, don’t try and tackle it yourself. Instead - stay calm, get out of the property and stay out, and call the fire brigade. We display notices in your property as a reminder about what to do in the event of a fire.


For more information and fire safety tips, please visit West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service website here.

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