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5 things to pack for Uni (and 5 things to definitely leave at home)

Posted on 27/08/2020


5 things to pack for Uni (and 5 things to definitely leave at home)

It’s not long until the start of University life for some, and the time has come to think about that all important question….. what do I need to pack? Here at Edge Student Living, we have you covered! And we’ve also provided some guidance on what NOT to pack, which will hopefully save you some vital packing space!


Five key things to pack…


Though this can be quite an investment, you’ll probably find that it’s worth every penny whilst you’re studying at university. From writing essays and research through to streaming films, you’ll find it’s an essential item and probably wonder how you ever lived without it. 


Cosy bedding can really make your new bedroom feel like home. Perhaps consider buying a second cheap set when you get to Uni for when you’re washing your favourite ones.

Basic toiletries

Don’t go nuts overpacking these; stick to the basics to get you as fresh as a daisy such as shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste (and don’t forget your toothbrush!) There are plenty of shops in Huddersfield, so if you find you need anything else you can stock up whilst you’re there.

Health and medical supplies

This is especially important if you’ve got an underlying health condition, so ensure you’ve enough supplies to last you until you can register with a local GP at the University of Huddersfield.

Taking a basic first aid kit could be a good idea. Some painkillers to help to ease a hangover may not be a bad idea either!

Family photographs

These don’t take up much space and will instantly brighten a room and add a personal touch to your new home.


…And five things to leave at home!

As tempting as it, forget packing the kitchen sink!! Here’s a list of items that, from experience, you should leave at home when moving away to University.

Your WHOLE wardrobe

Choose your clothes sensibly and pick your favourite items that you know you’ll wear. Comfortable loungewear and slippers can be a god send in your new home, whereas you might want to go easy on the more impractical gear. It’s far too easy to pack way too much and it’ll take up valuable packing space for when you move in September. Bear in mind too that it will be Autumn by the time you move into your new home, so pack accordingly.

Unnecessary gadgets

Things like printers, TV’s and games consoles are bulky and take up a lot of space when you’re packing. At the University of Huddersfield, there are some great printing facilities so you can make use of this resource instead when you need something printing.

If you’re with Edge Student Living, chances are you’ll have a TV in your shared communal living space anyway so there’s no need to pack your own. smiley Besides, if you want to watch something in your room you can always use your laptop.

Kitchen appliances

Firstly, check the list itinerary of items included in your new student accommodation. It’s more than likely that essentials such as kettles and toasters are already included but if not, and you’re in a shared kitchen, it’s just as easy to all chip in if you find you’re missing something when you get there.

Again, if you’re an Edge student, most kitchen appliances tend to be included in your lovely new kitchens!

A tonne of stationary items

As organised as you may want to be, remember it’s likely that you’ll only need the basics such as pens, notepads and a file. If you find you need anything else whilst you’re there, you can buy it whilst you’re doing your weekly shop!

A-level textbooks

When I went to university it took a while for me to get my head round the difference between A-level and University study; it really is quite a gear change! It is unlikely that you’ll need to refer to your A-level work whilst at University so don’t worry too much about taking the ten lever-arch files of college work that you may have been considering to take with you in September. Refer to your reading list provided by your University as that will be much more relevant.


Your new accommodation isn’t going to be permanent and chances are they’ll be plenty of opportunities to visit ‘home’ during your time at Uni – so try not to overpack. Plus, it’s a good reason to make sure you visit your parents or loved-ones regularly. smiley

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