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How to prepare yourself for starting University life next month

Posted on 14/08/2020


How to prepare yourself for starting University life next month

Being a student at the University of Huddersfield is about as exciting as it gets! But it’s a big change from what you’ll be used to. At Edge Student Living, we’ve provided some practical tips to help prepare you for that University life just around the corner!


Your student accommodation

Ensure you know the process for getting your keys from your student landlord/accommodation provider, and that you have their contact details stored in your phone….. you never know when you might need these during your stay! Before your move, make sure you have agreed a collection time with your accommodation provider. Check through any information given to you beforehand about your accommodation such as the inventory so you know what is included before you arrive next month.

It can also help to familiarise yourself with any rules or regulations stipulated in your tenancy agreement; there may be certain things you can’t bring with you or do in your accommodation. For example, at Edge Student Living we don’t allow pets or smoking inside our properties, which is typical for all student accommodation.

If you don’t already have them, get the contact details for any housemates you’ll be living with in September as if this will be your first encounter with them, it can help to break the ice!


Decide if you really need to take your car

You could save money by leaving your car at home and usually transport links in and out of Huddersfield are very good.

If you opt to take your car, know beforehand how parking works outside your house. Will you require a permit? How many spaces are available? Decide between your housemates which of you will bring cars. If you need permits, try and organise them before you move in to avoid receiving hefty fines at the beginning of the year. To apply for a permit you will need to fill in an application form from Kirklees council and send proof of residency plus a valid certificate of motor insurance for your vehicle. A signed tenancy agreement will be accepted as proof of residence, so you can apply as soon as you receive this from your landlord.

Try to organise a visitor’s permit before you move in, so that parents don’t receive a parking ticket when they are helping you move in. If you do receive a ticket while your application for a permit is being processed, you can appeal.


Preparing for life away from home

This is a momentous time in your life! But amongst the excitement you may have lost sight of the fact that this may be the first time that you’ve ever spent a considerable length of time away from your parents. And this can be a pretty big deal.

Prepare yourself for independent living the best you can beforehand by learning to cook some basic staple dishes, and even better if you can gather some recipes to take with you. Never before done the laundry? Now is the best time to get ahead of the game before moving-in day arrives.

Think ahead about your finances too. Know which bank account you will be using to pay your rent; you don’t want to find you end up getting charged if your payment doesn’t go through on time. Also, if you’ve never had to create a budget, now may be a good time to think about what your monthly outgoings will be so that you can try and stick to this each month. Try to do it now; by the time University life happens you’ll be having far too much fun to even give this a second thought!


What do I need to pack for University?

Try not to leave this until the day you are due to move in. Careful consideration about what you need to take versus what you don’t can really pay off. Luckily, Edge Student Living have you covered! Our next blog is about just this, so keep a close eye out as there’s some really useful stuff in there!


Huddersfield is a really great place to live and study. At Edge Student Living, we’re excited to be welcoming those who are joining us in September! And remember, if you’ve any questions just give us a shout! smiley

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