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Moving out of your student property soon? Read on!

Posted on 16/06/2020


Moving out of your student property soon? Read on!

Leave your home in a good state

Yes – this means a good old clean of your property! For some, this task may not seem too arduous; for others just the thought may bring them out in a cold sweat!

It is really important to leave the property as you found it as you’ll stand a far better chance of getting your deposit back in full.

If you are renting a shared property you are all jointly responsible for its condition when you move out, although the degree of joint liability can vary depending on the type of tenancy agreement you’ve signed. As a rule of thumb communal areas will almost always be the responsibility of everyone and therefore just cleaning your own room is unlikely to be enough of a contribution. When you think that cleaning the bathroom and kitchen is thought to be 50% of the task of cleaning the whole property, it can put the whole task into a bit more context.

Tips which may massively help with the final clean:

  • Make it a team effort. Talk to your housemates in advance and agree a date that the final clean can be done
  • Divide the tasks up for all communal areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, lounge, stairs, corridors, any outdoor space and cellar areas.
  • Use the checklist that is send to you by Edge Student Living to keep you on track
  • Don’t forget to clean the fridge-freezer! Ensure that you turn it off and leave the doors open to avoid it getting mouldy.
  • Don’t forget to empty bins
  • Check the items in the house against the inventory and let your landlord/agent know of any damages

If you are unsure on anything, you can ask your landlord/agent to conduct an inspection to point out the things that need to be achieved in order to leave the house in an acceptable condition.

At Edge Student Living we would much rather be able to return your deposits to you in full. Doing a through clean goes a long way in us being able to do this, aswell as allowing us to hand over a lovely, clean property to the next tenants.

Communicate your departure with utility providers and close your accounts

This is something you do not need to worry about if you are a current tenant with us here at Edge Student Living. We take care of all the utility bills, but if you live in a property where this is not the case, your landlord may retain your deposit until you provide written proof showing that all the bills have been paid. This may include an exemption letter for your Council Tax bills. This stipulation, if applicable, should be set out in your contract.

A few weeks before you move out, contact the utility companies and let them know the final date of your tenancy. Read the meters on the final day and inform the company to close your account and get the final bill sent on to your forwarding address. Keep a record of the meter readings. As soon as you have paid the final bills, make sure you send proof to the landlord/agent.

Remember to return the keys!

Make sure to return these and don’t accidentally leave these in your pocket! If you are an Edge Student Living tenant, we will instruct you on where to leave these and this will mean we don’t have to charge you for a new set. 

Leave a forwarding address

Ensure your landlord/agent have these details. If you are an Edge Student Living tenant, this is the address that we will post your deposit to. Let us know by writing it on an envelope and place your keys inside this. We will let you know nearer the time where you need to leave this.

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