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Choose your housemates wisely

Posted on 08/12/2015


Choose your housemates wisely

So……who should you live with next year? Your current flatmates, your course mates or friends you’ve made whilst our and about.  It’s really important to make sure you live with the right group of people, as it can be the difference between either having an awesome year at Uni, or a truly horrible time that’s so bad you’re counting down the days until you can leave.

These are my tips for choosing the right mates to live with:

Living in a house is oh so personal ……………….. just because you get on with your flatmates in halls, doesn’t mean it’ll be harmonious in a house.  In halls, you can slope off to your room but it’s not always that easy in a house.

Are you compatible …………….what are their views on cleaning?  If you like cleanliness and order, you’ll have a hard time living with a slob!  Do you like to go out most nights whilst they might like to stay in and curl up on the sofa.

Do you have a similar budget ………… the maximum rent you can afford will be set by the housemate with the lowest budget – so if you want to live in a palace, you need to find a similar housemate!

All boys or all girls …………… both all male and all female houses have their problems – generally speaking, a mixed household works best.

Don’t miss out on the house; find the housemates later ………… if you’ve found the perfect house, but with one bedroom still to fill, here at Edge Student Living we’ll let you secure the property and give you time to find an additional housemate.

On your own? Don’t panic  ………………. There’s always groups needing someone to join them – get in touch with us and we’ll help put you in touch with a group.

If you need help or advice with any aspect of finding a student home, get in touch and ask away! We are always happy to help.


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