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Tips when moving into your new student home

Posted on 03/09/2019


Tips when moving into your new student home

Moving into a student house is a joyous event, marking the beginning of a new period for you as a student. Whether you are relocating to a foreign country to study  or just a city nearby you have lots to prepare in advance. And being a student is great, isn’t it! Yet, before the academic year begins for you there is one important issue to plan – preparing your move into a student house checklist. 

Moving into First Student House:

For your move into your first student house here in Huddersfield you need to prepare a list of things to take with you:

•Personal belongings – clothes, shoes, accessories

•Bed linen – sheets, blankets, pillow and pillow cases. It is also advisable to get  a mattress cover.

•Cleaning materials – detergents, soap, dish washing liquid

•Toiletries – bath towels, hand towels, soap, shampoo, conditioner, electric shaver and shaving cream, cosmetics, hair products, make up, toothpaste and a toothbrush

•Kitchen utensils & cutlery – pots, pans, dishes, cutlery, etc.

•Electronics –  laptop, hair dryer

•Textbooks and documents related to your stay at the student house

When moving into your first, second or any year at a student house remember to discuss with your housemates what to bring in terms of kitchen appliances or electronics – you don’t need two or three irons, for example. That way your new home will also be less inordinate.

Things to Do When Moving into a Student House:

Here is a list of the things to do when moving into a student house:

•Arrange your internet provider, - here at Edge Student Living we’ve done this for you!

•Get a TV license if you have a TV in your house – it is still cheaper than the fine.

•Check the inventory – really important!.

•Get contents insurance for your things. 

•If no one has been using the house for a while run the water in the shower and the sink to make sure there is no stagnant water when you begin to use it.

•Find the switches of the water, gas and electricity. In emergency situations (hopefully they won’t occur) you’ll be able to react quickly. Make sure the alarms work and test them every once in a while to make sure the batteries aren’t dead.

•Try to arrange in between you a regime for cleaning the common areas. You can make a simple plan and take turns every week, for example.

Mostly importantly - relax and have fun!

Good luck from the team at Edge Student Living

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