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Don't make your home an easy target

Posted on 19/02/2019


Don't make your home an easy target

• Always lock exterior doors when coming in and out of properties and only leave windows unlocked if you are in the same room.  Sneak thieves enter student properties even when the students are in!!!!!!

• Even when in the house, keep exterior doors locked to prevent intruders entering your property.  If your bedroom is on the ground floor, close your curtains when you leave the house.

• Be wary of people calling at your door unexpectedly. Ask for ID from visitors claiming to require access to your home for a specific reason.

• Ensure your car is parked safely and is always locked. Don’t leave valuables in it!

• If you own a bike, ensure it is locked up securely

• Take out insurance for your belongings if they are not already covered under your parents’ home insurance policy. Do your research and make sure you fully understand the policy. (For example, some policies may only insure valuables left in your room.)

By following the simple steps above, you’ll ensure your personal safety and minimise the chances of becoming a victim of crime.

Bike Marking

Unfortunately cycle theft is a fairly common crime. If you have your bike marked, police will be able to track your bike and get it back to you, if it has been stolen and subsequently recovered.

Stay safe and good luck from everyone at Edge Student Living

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