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Well… we’re a local family company that’s been providing the good students of Huddersfield with accommodation since 1999! We started by buying just a few houses to “see how it went”. We loved it and decided to continue and expand!

Today, we’re one of the largest student housing companies in Huddersfield and continue to pride ourselves on offering Huddersfield’s students something different when it comes to accommodation.

Meet the Team

  • Rich


    Rich runs the office. If you call or email, it’ll be Rich you speak to. He’ll be your main point of contact (lucky you…) and helps with any questions or problems. As a graduate of Leeds Uni, he understands student life (particularly the part about drinking beer and playing Xbox) so knows how students work, but as a qualified lawyer, craves rules and order – the perfect mix for looking after you!

  • Jack


    Jack’s the man on the ground. He finds the next project, turns it around and delivers amazing student homes, as well as renovating our existing properties to keep everything looking good. You might be lucky enough to meet Jack on a viewing and you’ll definitely see him around checking everything’s up to standard. As a graduate of Leeds Met and a trained surveyor he knows only 2 things: students and buildings.

  • Jeanne


    Jeanne started this whole thing and is the reason we are where we are. She lives, breathes and sleeps Huddersfield student accommodation. Much like an over ripe banana though, she's past her best, so she takes a backseat role these days, but she’ll still be there making sure everything is done her way right. You’ll see Jeanne around, particularly at moving-in and moving-out time.

  • Bob


    Bob is a legend among the students of Huddersfield, much talked about, but rarely seen…unless you live in an Edge property, then you’ll see him all the time! Bob is maintenance. You got a problem? Call Bob. By the time you’ve finished telling him what’s wrong, he’ll have already fixed it, *guaranteed (*not a guarantee). Bob usually sorts anything on the same day you call him. He’s like the Terminator of maintenance - it’s amazing what you can achieve if you never sleep.

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